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Calgary city 

Calgary is second largest city of the province of Alberta, has a total population of 1,214,839 inhabitants and is often called the Mecca of energy in Canada. Indeed it provides more than 52 million cubic meters of crude oil is three-quarters of Canadian oil production. Calgary also has large oil sands reserves where expansion is expressed with the growing number of the population, the housing boom among others.

In terms of the workforce, Calgary is estimated 837,900 people who benefit from 792,700 jobs with a participation rate of 73.8% and an employment rate of 69.8% from which flows a rate unemployment 5.4% one of the lowest in the country.

With the production of hydrocarbons Calgary maintains development and is attracting massive investments and in different business areas such as financial services, with 18 of the 20 world's largest investment banks based in Calgary.

Then there is the area of technology, in fact the city Calgary has the greatest rate of Internet connectivity broadband in addition to the use of this service in Canada is 85%. Then there is the manufacturing and consumer product manufacturers to support human and economic development of the city.

Do not forget to emphasize that it also holds the title of the city at the highest income individuals across the country, coupled with a provincial tax rate on the lowest personal income of Canadian territory this which makes the city doubly attractive.