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Job opportunities in Calgary 

Calgary like the rest of Alberta is experiencing a skilled labor shortage, the city registering an unemployment rate well below the national average, it offers beautiful job opportunities.

The lack is felt in various industries including the oil and gas industry which will undoubtedly impact on the production who knows delays, postponements or even the abandonment of some current projects. Among the most sought-after profiles are cited welders, geologists, electricians and engineers.

Another very promising and promising sector for job seekers in Calgary is the construction industry that is growing rapidly in order to better support the growth of the local population and industries in the region. Besides the city and its surroundings are experiencing a significant shortage of labor in this sector including building painters, framers, drywall workers, plumbers, among others. For those interested it is a real opportunity that presents itself in Calgary especially with a very attractive salary level in the field.

The transport sector also expressed a great need especially truck drivers and truck mechanics. Other industries and sectors are affected by this shortage is the case elsewhere in information technology, health, food processing and tourism.

To get an idea of the most sought after profiles in the area, it would be wise to visit the job site listing the needs of employers in the city of Calgary and surrounding areas and among these positions is quoted: carpenter-cabinetmaker professional computer systems, plumbers, pipe fitters and gas, civil engineering technicians, mechanical and industrial, etc.